I Think I Just Like Making Things

Did any of the great fighters, basketball players, artists, or musicians do anything else other than the thing they were amazing at? Like did Picasso write blog posts? Did he crochet? Or does Connor McGregor like to collage on Sunday mornings? 

I find myself asking these questions because my brother, also an artist (musician, lyricist, videographer, photographer, and producer) asked me to come on board his team come 2018 mainly as an illustrator and a graphic designer. He's planning to launch his record label next year and is going to need some help in the visual department and even some photography during their upcoming shows.

It got me thinking about all the things that I love to do, which includes, but isn't limited to, art (illustrating, painting, collaging), photography, creative writing, graphic design, crafts. I started thinking that as a creative I've always jumped around, photographing one year, painting another, writing and playing the guitar the year after that. Graphic design may have been my longest gig and may have been one of the only things that monetarily reflected a possible career choice. For almost five years it did that. But now?

Now I'm finding myself sometimes imagining and reimagining what a "career" could look like. I can do graphic design gigs when a good project comes along. I can actively pursue my art and do whatever I want to do with those things I produce. I can also write about these experiences here, actively, and begin to really dive into the art of documenting again because it was such a great way to let ideas loose and to keep record of the things I was doing. These days it seems like an important thing to do since my "career" is now being shaped as I go, which is fucking frightening and also so, so exhilarating at the same time.