Graphic Designer Turned Abstract Artist

I know, I know – “you all” haven’t heard from me in so long that you thought, “Maybe he just took a break to focus on the grind and plans to pick it up again in the new year to accompany all the other good things happening with the whole art thing.”

Well, Brenda, four months and some change into the year and I finally have the chance to say, “You’re right.”

The new year brought a new moon in Capricorn (hello emotionally intense intro song) and my first ever solo exhibit called, “Intersections,” that ran through January in Ocean Beach. It started with a very humbling opening reception that left me floating on cloud nine throughout the entire evening. Out of the 15 pieces I exhibited I sold 11. Like, wow, really?

Cayce Wheelock and Em Archuleta of  Hanalei Artworks  installing “Intersections”

Cayce Wheelock and Em Archuleta of Hanalei Artworks installing “Intersections”

What better time than now to update the journal?

Since my solo show I’ve accepted a role as a Director of Marketing for Art Unites, was interviewed on The Artist Unmasked Podcast and Creative Innerview at The Studio Door, participated in three group shows (Hanalei Artworks, CONNECT San Diego, and the 7th Annual Banker’s Hill Art & Craft Beer Festival with The Urban Art Shop), and have locked in a few more shows for mid-spring and early summer, one of which includes an urban art exhibition at Iron Fist Brewing Co. for the release of my sticker book, “To the Ones That Stick.” I’ll be co-curating with Yvette Roman.

I was also invited to collaborate on a mural in Barrio Logan over the weekend, which, if you know me, you know how badly I’d been wanting to do one, so of course I happily said, “Yes!” I was invited by Isaias Crow, a friend I made during an event for advocacy last summer. I’m still in awe that he found my work moving enough to ask me to do something larger-scale, even after knowing it would be my first time. That’s a lot of faith and love I’m hoping to either reciprocate or pay forward sometime in the future. It still needs finishing touches, but feel free to give it a visit. Let me know if you do – S. 26th Street and National Ave in Barrio Logan, San Diego.


I will try my hardest to post more regularly for the remainder of this year (I can’t believe it’s April) since it has been and will be very eventful. Sometimes words that aren’t constrained by character counts or lost on a digital wall, drowning in feeds, feels more intimate than logging on to your social network for an update. And for my budding art career and processes, this journal fulfills that intimacy.