Winters in San Diego No. 2

Winters in San Diego No. 2



9” x 12” watercolor paper
mixed media: acrylic paint, spray paint, oil pastel

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I am in Imperial Beach, again, near the ART structure at the end of Imperial Beach Blvd. I linger along the railing separating the parking lot from the sand, marveling at the sky, the clouds, the water. And from here I’ll walk to the pier. I’ll walk underneath the pier, on top of the pier, trace a line there, see the last rays of amber and marigold peek between the wooden pillars and hit the seaweed on my feet. There’s hot cocoa and crisscut fries at the end of pier at the Tin Fish. These stories, these color palettes, have always given me my line, have been my line since I first set foot on this beach and since I started painting again.