Winters in San Diego No. 3

Winters in San Diego No. 3



8” x 5” watercolor paper
mixed media: acrylic paint, spray paint, oil pastel

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Sometimes I’m standing on the pier, I know the sun’ll be gone soon and I’m expecting the green flash but it’s too difficult of an expectation for a local, and so an auspicious-looking wave and it’s wake form a strange line in the ocean and steal my attention and I only think I see it before the last bit of amber dips past the horizon.

“So now it's early in the morning
at the longitude of memphis
and the sun is setting sweetly on hong kong
and the big plan is just to keep spinning
'cause the big bang is only just beginning
and sometimes it's all that we can do just to hang on.”
-Ani DiFranco, Garden of Simple